“The opportunities are limitless”

Blake Kasper, Quality Supervisor at Broadwind Energy, Abilene, Texas.
“The opportunities are limitless”

Regular readers of our blog know we love to talk about the 500 U.S. factories that build wind-related parts. And how over 100,000 Americans work in wind, with over a quarter of these jobs in manufacturing.

But what’s even better is when we get to attach real faces to these numbers.

Blake Kasper is part of wind power’s 100,000-strong U.S. workforce. He’s a Quality Supervisor for Broadwind Energy in Abilene, Texas, where he oversees wind turbine tower construction.

Born and raised in Texas, Blake is a veteran who has worked his way up the ladder at Broadwind since he started in 2011, and he’s watched business boom over the last six years.

“When we first started we were pumping out two sections a week. “Now we’re doing 11, 12 sections a week,” he told me. “There’s just so much work, orders keep pumping in.”

Blake also told me the good jobs at Broadwind offer unmatched opportunities in the Abilene area, with the best pay around. He noted the only comparable jobs are in the oil fields—but they offer less stability and require extensive travel.

“Jobs (at Broadwind) are second to none around here, he said. “The opportunities are limitless.”

There’s also ample room for growth. Blake started as an entry-level welder, and now holds a supervisory position.

Blake sees wind power as an important part of America’s future, which brings an added sense of satisfaction.

“I truly believe (wind) is the future, it’s why I’ve stuck with it,” he said. “I’ve got very strong high moral and Christian values, and I think they line up very well with this kind of energy.”

And Blake is no stranger to Broadwind’s finished products—the Abilene area has a number of nearby wind farms, which Blake says are a welcome addition to the landscape.

“People are proud to say they’re from here because of the wind turbines.”


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