Wind generated 45 percent of San Antonio energy on Tuesday

There was big wind power progress in a major American city this week.
Wind generated 45 percent of San Antonio energy on Tuesday

Wind power generated almost half of San Antonio’s energy needs this Tuesday, setting a record for the city.

At a time when municipalities like Aspen, Colo. and Burlington, Vt. are choosing to source 100 percent renewable energy, it’s encouraging to see another major American city hit such a huge milestone.

San Antonio met 45 percent of its daily energy demand using wind power contracted from seven different wind farms.

“The wind record and decreased coal generation demonstrate the power of having a diverse generation portfolio. This diversity gives us the flexibility we need to pivot with our generation choices and make decisions that keep rates steady, which benefit our community in more ways than one,” said Cris Eugster, Executive Vice President and Chief Generation and Strategy Officer for CPS Energy, the country’s largest municipally owned natural gas and electric company, and the main electricity supplier for the Greater San Antonio area.


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