'Wind Uprising' documentary film now available on DVD

'Wind Uprising' documentary film now available on DVD

I'm pleased to report that “Wind Uprising,” a 31-minute documentary about the development of the first wind farm in Utah (and a wind farm described by the film's website as “the most urban … in the United States,” is now available on DVD via the website.  Prices range from $29 up, depending on the intended use.

“Wind Uprising” is a positive, but balanced, recounting of the challenges facing a small developer seeking to install a utility-scale wind project. To its credit:

– It briefly discusses Utah's overall energy supply and where that energy comes from now, instead of implying that the choice between wind and nothing is a real choice.

– It includes articulate spokespeople on both sides–those who support the wind farm and those concerned about its effect on their community.

“Wind Uprising” has won several awards, and is definitely worth checking out.

More video resources for your viewing pleasure (these focus on wind power's benefits):

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