WindIQ: The new go-to tool for wind industry data

WindIQ: The new go-to tool for wind industry data

WindIQ– do you know the name? The look is new, but its history is deeply rooted. WindIQ is the most authoritative source for U.S. wind industry data, provided by AWEA at no cost to members. Previously known as Market Database Pro, the newly refreshed WindIQ is a critical tool in the toolkit for all wind industry professionals.


The newly rebranded WindIQ builds on the success of Market Database Pro to deliver AWEA members a robust interactive database of all online, under construction, and advanced development wind projects and wind-related manufacturing facilities in the United States. The data is updated quarterly and confirmed directly with wind project developers and turbine manufacturers, so you can be confident that WindIQ is more accurate than any other source.

And we’re continuing to add new features and capabilities. For example, here are a few new features we’ve added over the past two years:

  • A new category of wind projects tracked by AWEA: The advanced development category includes wind projects that haven’t yet been reported as under construction, but where developers signed a power purchase agreement, placed a firm turbine order, or announced the project is proceeding under direct utility ownership.
  • Interactive mapping capabilities: This new feature provides a robust environment for visualizing the U.S. wind industry footprint and geospatially exploring WindIQ data.
  • The WindIQ Dashboard, a new Tableau data visualization product. The dashboard provides market insights on everything from turbine manufacturer market share to individual wind project performance.

And stay tuned for future updates. For example, we’ve teamed up with AMDEE, the Mexico wind industry association, to bring AWEA members Mexico wind project data in the near term.

AWEA members can access WindIQ today, complete with data updates through the third quarter. Non-AWEA members can learn more about WindIQ here, and in the meantime access both our public U.S. wind industry map and latest public quarterly market report.

Start exploring the data today!


Hannah is AWEA's Senior Analyst, Industry and Data Analysis. She is focused on wind industry data and analysis, with applied GIS experience. Hannah joined AWEA in July 2014 after receiving her Master of Public Affairs (MPA) degree at the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), with previous positions held at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

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