Wisconsin legislature mounts late-session attack on wind

Wisconsin legislature mounts late-session attack on wind

As the Wisconsin state legislature nears adjournment, AWEA has learned that a late-session effort will be made to repeal the state's wind farm siting guidelines, which were the subject of lengthy negotiations between the wind industry and other stakeholders in the state.

The following alert was sent out this morning.


Urgent need for action this morning by everyone who supports wind energy in Wisconsin —

As you may know, the Wisconsin Legislature is scheduled to wrap up its regular session calendar on March 15. With the end of session approaching, there has been a  lot of legislative activity, as lawmakers attempt to push through legislation before time runs out. 

Unfortunately, it comes as great concern that Senate leadership has scheduled a full Senate vote on Senate Bill 50 — legislation that would repeal PSC 128, the consensus guidelines for siting wind farms on which the future of wind energy in our state relies.

Also, we have just been informed by Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald’s office that the bill will be scheduled for a floor vote today.

If this bill passes, Wisconsin would immediately lose jobs. It would kill $1.8 billion of potential investment in Wisconsin, translating into millions of lost hours in construction labor as well as manufacturing jobs producing wind turbine components.

These wind rules resulted from two years of hard work and compromise. They provide a critical foundation for future wind power development in Wisconsin. If these important rules are repealed, Wisconsin’s future wind projects and industry jobs will be lost.

Please call the following target Senators' offices IMMEDIATELY THIS MORNING, and tell them to “VOTE NO ON SENATE BILL 50!”


Jon Erpenbach – 608-266-6670
Kathleen Vinehout – 608-266-8546


Dale Schultz – 608-266-0703
Rich Zipperer – 608-266-9174
Rob Cowles – 608-266-0484
Michael Ellis – 608-266-0718


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