It’s a wrap: Looking back at #AmericanWindWeek

It’s a wrap: Looking back at #AmericanWindWeek

Last week marked the second annual #AmericanWindWeek, and celebrations boomed both across the country and on social media. Wind farm and factory tours, groundbreakings, city and state proclamations, Wind Champion Awards, and more highlighted the ways U.S. wind power is creating new opportunities. The map below has a full accounting of just about everything that took place.

Here’s a look at some of #AmericanWindWeek’s best highlights.

Wind Champion awards

The Wind Champion Award, a highlight of American Wind Week, was presented to three members of the 115th Congress who have taken action in support of American wind energy.

Companies saw this celebratory week as an opportunity to invest back in the communities that invested in them. Here are just a couple of examples. Enel presented a $60,000 check to the Allen-Waterbury Fire District, located near their Rattlesnake Creek Wind Project, to upgrade their emergency response vehicle fleet.

Geronimo Energy hosted a community event to celebrate the 20-year commitment of annual $40,000 donations by presenting the first gifts to the Courtenay Community Fund. As a part of the event, they committed to funding a community center right in the heart of town.

And of course, the conversation boomed on social media. Here are a few more of our favorite posts:

Happy #AmericanWindWeek! Our Wednesday festivities include a special guest… a 193.5' wind turbine blade for ATS' Legislator Open House!

Posted by Drive4ATS on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Thank you to everyone who helped #AmericanWindWeek grow exponentially this year! See you during #AmericanWindWeek 2019!


Elizabeth Haraburda is AWEA’s Public Affairs Summer Intern, concentrating on helping American Wind Week 2018 become a success. She is an incoming senior at Dickinson College pursuing a Bachelor of the Arts in French & Francophone Studies and International Studies, with a concentration in Globalization and Sustainability and a minor in Economics.

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